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My account
I forgot my password to access my account, what I have to do? How to change my account information? How to delete my account? I changed my profile info, why it's not changing? Why my account can't be find via search or isn't displayed in Friends List's? When I try to login system shows error "Profile Disabled" or "Profile is Frozen". What does it mean? The person's data (messages, comments, profile) just gone. Why it may happen?
How to buy a privilegious membership - Gold or VIP? Why after buying a privileges membership my functions did not work? How to buy for another user a privilegious membership or credits? I had got a message from admin, that my membership expires in few days. How can I avoid it? How to cancel membership?
Why I can‘t read my messages? How can I check my sended messages? What is highlighted message and ultra highlighted message? What is archive and how to use it? What is adverse messages? I see that I have unread messages but in my inbox I cant find them? How can I send SMS?
What is credits? How can I buy credits? What can I do with my credits? How can I send credits for other members? Why I can‘t use my credits?
How to add user to my Friends List? Where to find members list who viewed my profile? How to delete friend from the Friends List? How to block user messages? I want to delete friend's comment in my profile, does it possible? Why I can't use some portal functions that I was able before? How to play HOOK UP game? How to buy profle AD and how does it work? Offers
Ultra Hotline
Who is able to announce messages in Ultra Hotline? How long my message will be shown in the running line? Who can see my message? Why my message disappear? What should I do if my message was deleted? Why I can't click on "Post My Message"??
Who can use and buy in E-shop? How many products I can by at the same time? Can I present the souvenirs? After I put souvenir in product cart it‘s shown „error“. I have changed the quantity of products, but I can‘t see final price. I want more then one product but different colour/size... Where the product can be sent? What gonna happen with my credits after I bought the souvenir? I want to buy souvenir but it‘s written that I haven‘t got enought credits.What to do? If I put souvenirs in product cart and want to buy them latter, will they disappear? How I can get my products? How much costs the shipping by courier? I received damaged package... It is possible to return/change the souvenir I bought and recieved? How can I find product? How much of products can be in my product cart? How to know that products I have choosen are in my product cart or wishlist? In my product cart I see more then one comodity, in case I have added only one. If I want to go back from products list to the main window of E-shop. How can I see the larger picture of the product? How can I choose T-shirt? I have find the T-shirt of my dreams but can't choose size I need. What to do? When my credits are charged? If member canceled my order, when I will get back my credits? How to know, which type of product delivery I have to choose? What information will I have to provide the courier?

Who can have WishList? How to create WishList? How many products can be in my WishList? Who will see my WishList? Which user can send me the gifts? Who pays for the gift? How to present the gift? How I will know that the receiver accepted my surprise? When my credits will be charged? When I will get my credits back if receiver didn‘t accept my gift? I received notification that one of site members wants to present a gift. What should I do now? How to know, which shipping option to choose? How much costs the shhipping by courier? When courier will deliver the gift? I received damaged pockage...
How to add photos into my profile? Why photos that I uploaded are not published? What's a "Picture is Real" label in user profile? How to get status "Real Member"? Why I can't upload photos anymore? Why I am allowed to upload up to 10 photos? Can I Hide my photo(-s) and decide myself who'll have a permission to see it? My photos were deleted. Why?
Video and Albums
Requirements for video uploading How to add videos into my profile? Why videos that I uploaded are not published? Can I Hide my video(-s) and decide myself who'll have a permission to see it? My videos were deleted. Why? Why I cant create commercial video/photo album? How much credits I will get fro commercial video/photo album view? Why my commercial video/photo album was deletd? How much time members will be able to see my commercial video/photo album?
Who can post events? Why my participation in event is canceled? How can I make my event visible on the top of the list? How can I make my event invisible for some users? How can I cancel notifications about new ewebts?
My Community
Who can see my posts? Can I hide my posts? Why I can see admin posts? How can I filter my riends activiyti and posts?
Why I can‘t use CHAT? Why I was kicked from CHAT? When I will be able to use CHAT again? Other users saying bad words about me, what should I do?
Who can create a group? Why I cant join the group? What kind of groups I can create? What is group founders and moderators? Why my group was deleted? Why my post was deleted? How can I leave the group?
Whats is society? Can I use society with simple membership? Who can participate in new photos game? Why my blog post is not visible yet?
Premium Content
What is Premium Content? What I can upload? What I can't upload? How I will get paid? Why i get less than shown in my profile? Warning
Who can do performance? How much i earn? How i will get my money?

1. Never send money to anyone you meet online, under any circumstance. Report them to us. Better use our Premium paid content or WEBCAM platforms.

2. It‘s prohibited to spam, post job offers and ads in our website.

Please read these rules before.